The aim of this website is to provide you and your family with relevant information:-
  • To better understand many of the complex medical issues that may be discussed with you, thus helping you make more informed decisions about your ongoing care.
  • About practical issues of coping and managing the problems of having Head and Neck cancer, and the possible effects of treatment
We hope it will also be a useful resource for family members, carers, and any health professionals who might be involved in your care. Although it is impossible to avoid use of medical terminology we hope the information we provide is in an easily understood format with clear explanations of terms that are used. 

We realise that there are already some great resources available on-line but accessing them and dealing with conflicting information can be difficult. Another main aim of our site, is to direct you to other helpful sites that are consistent with the way we think as part of our service.

We hope you find this website useful and we always welcome feedback (good,positive or constructive criticism and the pointing out of inaccuracies, errors, out of date information and links that do not work!), suggestions for improvement or future topics for inclusion. We can only do so much ourselves, and we need you-the users of our service, to give us the benefit of your experience to the benefit of others.