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Cancer is when cells in an organ of the body become abnormal and start to grow in an uncontrolled way forming more and more abnormal cells. This abnormal group of cells eventually become so big they form a lump known as a tumour. Cancers are tumours that can spread into the surrounding tissues (local invasion) or through the lymphatic system to lymph nodes (lymph node metastases) or through the bloodstream (distant metastases). Not all lumps are cancers. Some are benign meaning that although they form a lump and cause symptoms they do not invade local tissues or spread by the lymphatic or blood stream. There are five main types of cancer: 1) carcinoma, 2) sarcoma, 3) leukaemia, 4) lymphoma and myeloma, 5) brain and spinal cord cancers and further of subtypes of each.

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