Our multi-faith Chaplaincy Team supports people of all faiths and none. Chaplains and ward visitors are available to offer care to patients, their families and staff members. We offer a friendly, listening ear. We are available to pray with you, if you wish. We are here for you at any time.

  • The team consists of Chaplains from the Church of England (also known as ‘Anglican’ or C of E), the Baptist Church, the Methodist Church, a number of Pentecostal Churches (including Black-led) and the Roman Catholic Church (RC).
  • Each Chaplain works with any patient, member of staff or volunteer regardless of denomination, unless a request is for the tradition of a particular church. This is especially true for those who are RC and so they are usually seen by a Religious Sister (Nun) on the Team, but can also ask for a Priest to be called in for certain rites, eg Confession, End of Life care.


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