How can I give up smoking?

There are lots of different ways to give up smoking, and each individual will have their own preference. There are some very good and informative websites (see below) that give information about the many benefits of quitting smoking, discuss the difficulties people have and talk about the pros and cons of each method. In addition your GP or Head and Neck Specialist Nurse can give you advice and support you. Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for your health, wealth and family!

There are several support services available to help you on this journey:

Giving up is rarely easy. Unfortunately smoking is related to many Head and Neck cancers. We also know that if you do continue to smoke during treatment for Head & Neck cancer there is:
  • a reduced chance of being cured of the cancer
  • an increased chance of severe side effects and complications of treatment

For more information about giving up smoking see:

Other reasons to quit smoking


Stopping smoking can have dramatically positive effects on how long you live and your quality of life in general. It reduces the risk of developing other cancers, heart diseases and strokes.  It also reduces your risk of getting lung diseases and problems with your blood circulation. Stopping smoking also serves can improve fertility and reducing complications in pregnancies.

For more information on the health benefits please go to: 


Stopping smoking will have a huge impact on your pocket, if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day you could save around £2,600 each year (2016 figures).

Work out how much you can save at: 

Family & Society

Becoming smoke free has wider implications, by protecting your family, friends and carers from second hand smoke. Children are also much less likely to smoke if their parents/carers are smoke free, there also further implications if smoking in the car whilst with children. Many public places now ban smoking, including new legislation (from October 2015) banning smoking whilst driving with passengers in the car. It is getting increasingly harder to locate safe public places to smoke socially.


Stopping smoking can improve the elasticity and physical appearance of the skin, as your circulation improves. It can also help to prevent and reduce further staining to the teeth and tooth loss. It can also help prevent discolouring of the hair and nails, and prevent you from looking older than your years.

For a short video clip on the effects of smoking on appearance please see: